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6 tips for your family photos

#1 Tell your kids it’s going to be fun! Explain to your kids where you are going for family photos, let them know there will be time for laughing, playing, joke telling, hugs and kisses. Give them warm and fuzzy feelings about what they are going to be doing. Trust me, this will go much…

Photo Lessons

Ryan was signed up for private photography lesson with me over the Spring Break. We had 3 classroom sessions with shooting time, her 4th lesson was spent outside shooting, best way to learn. Some of photography basic I taught her: shooting modes, how to photograph people, leading lines, rule of thirds and framing your subject….

Grad Girls of 2016

Prom photos with your best friends, it can’t much better than that. These girls booked their session for after prom because of bad weather. I’m glad they held out, I had so much fun and there was no stress of harming these beautiful dress. Here’s a handful of the 130 images from this gallery.  

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