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How it works

1. Contact me with details about the session you are wanting to book, with desired dates.

2. Once we agree on a date, I will send you the required paperwork to book your session.  

3. Pay your deposit of $100.00, this is to hold your date. Ways to pay: e-transfer, PayPal (use your credit card here), cash (if you're local), cheque. 

4. Once all of the above is completed, you are officially booked. I then start scouting locations for your session. If you have a location in mind let me know, I love going to new spots. Living in Hope gives me the advantage of knowing the area well. Some  location are easy to access some require a 5 - 10 min walk. Why do I scout? first and foremost I am looking for the sun at every location, this will determine what time of day your session will take place. I am also looking for anything that might be considered dangerous or unappealing. 

5. Once I find a location I will let you know via email with pictures and/or video. Directions will be sent as well. 

6. I'll be watching the light and give you a time for our session based the sun. This may be 10 days to 1 week before your session date. 

7. The day before our session I will check in with you to see how things are going and give you my cell number if you need to get a hold of me.

8. We meet at our location, finalize payment and get to the fun stuff.  I will walk you through my shooting style while guiding you and your family the whole time. It will be fun I promise. 

9. One - two days later a sneak peek will be posted to my facebook page Lisa Berry, Photographer, as well as Instagram @lisaberryphotog. 

10. You will receive email updates on the progress of your photos. Two - three weeks later your gallery will be ready for viewing. Depending on the session you booked your gallery will also be ready for downloading. 

If you have any questions please contact me 



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